What are some unique qualities of Mosaic?

MISSION: Creative Venues, Healthy Singing, Movement and Drama

–High Artistry:  Victoria Redfearn Cave founded Mosaic on the principal that children are capable of producing interesting and beautiful aesthetic experiences. She approaches every rehearsal with the belief in a child’s ability to partner in an artistic process.  Each concert reflects that partnership.

–Diversity:  Our Mosaic families represent four different continents including Asia, Europe, South America, and North America (Canada, Mexico, US). As a community choir, Mosaic has students from Albemarle County Public Schools, Charlottesville City Schools, independent schools and the home school community.

–Voice Training:  Did you know that most children under the age of 14 should join a choir for early voice training?  The voice does not develop fully until much later and the young voice must be handled with care.  Mosaic can provide wonderful training to prepare those who consider their instrument to be voice.

–Value:  Most private lessons cost $40-$60/lesson. Over the course of the year, Mosaic is significantly less than the price of private lessons.

– Modern Voices:  No more stand and sit concerts.  Mosaic hopes to surprise you in concerts with elements of movement, unusual sounds and creative venues.  Be prepared to have a smile on your face as the children’s creativity enchants you.

Who are the faculty?

Artistic Director, Victoria Redfearn Cave, M.Ed. (bio)

Collaborative Pianist, Dr. Shelby Sender (bio)

Pebbles Instructor, Mary Anderson (bio)

Do all children have to audition?  What is required in the audition? 

Yes, all children must come for an audition for Patchwork, Mosaic, and Mosaic Honors.

A placement interview is required fo Introduction to Keyboard and piano lessons.

The audition will consist of children singing a familiar song (Happy Birthday for example), vocalizing and echoing back tonal patterns.It is recommended that all children have some sense of pitch matching.All treble voices are eligible to audition.  Any changing voices will be considered on an individual basis.

No audition or interview is required for Pebbles or Prism.

Families must be able to commit to consistent rehearsal and concert attendance.

Members of the Honors Choir are required to practice music theory on a weekly basis and to commit to a larger performance schedule.  It is an added benefit if they play an instrument or receive dance training outside of choir.

Are there children who are not accepted into the choir?

We hope to find a place for everyone. However, Mosaic might not be a good fit for a family if children cannot come to rehearsals or concerts; children have severe difficulties matching pitch; or children have severe difficulties in a group or team environment.  If these issues occur or there are concerns from the family, they can be discussed on an individual basis with the artistic director.

Can you tell me more about Introduction to Keyboard and Piano Lessons?



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