Fall ’20 / Spring ’21

A Message from Victoria Redfearn Cave, Artistic Director

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the special concerns regarding choral singing, we anticipate being online for a good portion of the Fall ’20 / Spring ’21 season. Should there be a major breakthrough in treatment and/or a vaccine that would allow children to sing in a safe and secure manner, however, we would resume our in-person rehearsals and performances.  As you know, at Mosaic we’ve always approached things differently: singing in creative venues like barns and caves, decorating our concert dress with homemade patches, and integrating movement, props, and multimedia into our performances. This crisis simply challenges us to be even MORE creative and I feel confident we’re up to the task!

Here are a few program alterations we’ve made given the new set of circumstances:

  • Our enabling technology and collaborative singing space will be delivered by Zoom
  • Our students will have enhanced exposure to asychronous music theory and vocal coaching
  • Our Sunday sychronous rehearsals will be slightly shorter in duration
  • Our students will work from either digital or printed scores
  • Our parents will have access to Zoom support and chats
  • Our parents will have a monthly payment option for all classes

Finally, we do not want finances to be an obstacle for families who want to be in our community. As such, we have an active scholarship program to support all members of Mosaic. If you are able, please give generously so that all those affected by this crisis can “Just Keep Singing.”

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Course Offerings

Pebbles, $90/session (2 Sessions, Fall/Spring; Sundays, 4:30-4:50PM; Ages 3-5, Instructor: Mary Evans)  For our littlest learners, this class is designed to introduce children under the age of 5 to music and movement.  Students will sing, dance, create, and most importantly, play!  Through joyful music-making, they will explore elements of pitch, beat, and space.

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Patchwork, $400/year or $40/month (Sundays, 4:30-5PM; Grades K-2, Instructor: Victoria Redfearn Cave)  This audition-based group is meant to introduce students to their first experiences singing with an ensemble.  Through movement and singing games, students work to improve their pitch and rhythm while also connecting and collaborating with others.  Early literacy through score reading, solfege, and rhythmic reading will be introduced.  Students will participate in final sharings and performances.

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Mosaic, $500/year or $50/month (Sundays, 5-5:30PM; Grades 3-8, Instructor: Victoria Redfearn Cave) This audition-based group is meant to take students into a deeper experience of collaborative singing.  Students are expected to have a solid ability to match pitch.  Students will explore their artistry through a multi-disciplinary approach to the choir.  Students who join are often interested in multiple elements in the arts:  music, dance, theater, creative writing, and visual art.  Rehearsals will engage students physically through warm-ups, movement games, and even yoga for singers.  Students will explore music literacy concepts deeper, engaging consistently with score reading, solfege, and rhythmic sight-reading.  Students are often involved with helping shape final sharings and performances.

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Mosaic Honors, $600/year or $60/month (Sundays, 5:30-6PM; Grades 3-8; Instructor: Victoria Redfearn Cave)  This audition-based group is meant for students with a certain level of experience in music, singing, and harmony work.  Students are not only comfortable matching pitch but are comfortable singing in harmony (with a group.) Most of these students take lessons in other art disciplines, such as a private instrument or dance, or are heavily involved with their arts programs at school.  These students provide mentorship for younger students and have opportunities to participate in our bi-annual Salon Series, showing talents with a supportive arts community.  These students are vibrantly interested in their technical growth and work outside of rehearsal on music reading and sight-singing.  They are leaders in our final sharings and performances.

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Sapphire, $600 or $60/month (invitation-only; Sundays, 6-6:45PM; Instructor: Victoria Redfearn Cave) This audition-based group is a small all-girls chamber singing ensemble.  It focuses specifically on the needs of the teenage girl, especially those who are interested in high-level arts training.  Preference is given to students who take studio lessons on any instrument, read music, and/or receive instruction in other arts disciplines.  Students will perform repertoire from multiple genres with a focus on advanced vocal technique and music theory.  Most importantly, girls can serve as a support system for others who are interested in singing at an advanced level.  Students will have access to social experiences, possibly through ukulele playing, dramatic coaching, and even college counseling.

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